Why We Ski

By Marina Knight

Today marks the beginning of a brand new year. At T2 we have been working hard on lots of projects including our new website and the video series we just debuted yesterday via Ski Racing. As we assess the months ahead and what our resolutions should be, we’ve decided not to change a whole lot. Our 2016 resolution is to remain focused on our athletes, their needs and their capacity to inspire future generations. Athletes are the essence of what T2 is all about.

The video series we just launched – “Why We Ski” – was an idea that started to form a little over a year ago. The idea was pretty simple: to showcase the athletes we support in a slightly different light than we normally focus on. We wanted to get at the heart of why they love to ski, what drives them as individuals and what inspires them. We wanted you to hear their stories from them and from people who know them well.

We also wanted the series to have a broad appeal so all kinds of skiers, not just racers or competitors, could relate to them through a mutual love of  skiing, snow, being driven to excel, working hard and loving what you do.

I’ve got to give so much credit to Warner Nickerson, who has done an excellent job as producer on this project. He’s really killing it and I can’t wait to start putting together the second video with him. His friends at Another Brother in Sweden are editing the series, which we’re really happy with too.

So, I’ll keep it at that on this New Year’s Day. Cheers to you all and stay tuned for Webisode #2!