T2 supports athletes directly. We are devoted to making sure the best U.S. skiers, from up-and-coming juniors to current U.S. Ski Team members, get the financial support they need to become the world’s best skiers.


T2 athletes support youth directly! T2 also gives back to the ski and youth community through our outreach program, which connects elite athletes with a diverse range of kids at ski clubs, public schools and youth organizations. Our goal? To promote the healthy and balanced development of youngsters and grow a love of skiing at the grassroots level. Our athlete-driven Strong Bodies, Strong Minds workshop focuses on leading sports psychology techniques and sport specific workouts to inspire and teach through sport.

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If you care deeply about the future of skiing and the healthy and balanced development of youth, we want you to be involved.

Our financial support has propelled Olympic medalists, World Champions, World Junior Champions and National Champions. Since 2008, T2 has provided over $1 million dollars in grants to help provide opportunity to dozens of the country’s best skiers. In the current climate of rising program fees, including the cost to compete on the U.S. Ski Team, our grants are fueling the sport.

In 2015, T2 started a new grant program aimed at 14-19 year old skiers to broaden our reach and make sure the best U.S. Juniors can afford the highest quality athletic programs. We have grown this program, committing $150,000 to the effort this year and aim to grow the Junior Team Grant Fund in coming years.

Perhaps most importantly, T2 is committed to giving back to the ski and youth community. Through our work with ski clubs, public schools and youth organizations our team of athletes is impacting the lives of thousands of youth, teaching them valuable life lessons through sport. Our Strong Bodies, Strong Minds program focuses on developing the mental and physical strength needed to be successful in skiing and in life.



Andrew Weibrecht, Two-time Olympic medalist

“The T2 Foundation offers financial assistance to athletes who, without it, would likely not be able to compete due to rising costs and team fees.  Prior to the 2014 Olympic season, The T2 Foundation helped to support me so I was able to race that season and ultimately win my second Olympic medal.  Without this type of assistance many athletes, including myself, would not be able to meet the growing financial demands of sport, for which we are all very grateful.”


Hannah Kearney, Olympic Gold medalist

“T2 supported me at the beginning of my career on the United States Ski Team.  The foundation’s financial aid enabled me to make decisions based on what would make me a better athlete instead of what would save me the most money.  I trained harder than ever before, and my results reflected my efforts, as well as T2’s belief in my abilities.”


Marco Sullivan

“T2 has provided an open door for athletes to access much needed financial assistance in the expensive world of ski racing.  The support they have provided has allowed dozens of athletes to stay on the course with their training needs and to continue their journey towards international success.”


Ryan Cochran-Siegle, World Junior Champion

“When I first received a nomination to the U.S. Ski Team I had to decline because the team fees were to high to cover alone. The T2 Foundation made the difference by finding a way to make the costs more manageable, giving me the opportunity to pursue my dreams. Without support from T2, it would have been almost impossible to make it to the level that I am at now.” 


Bryan Van Dorpe, ED Youth Enrichment Services, Boston, MA

“Youth Enrichment Services’ partnership with the T2 Foundation has provided YES’s youth with the incredible experience of meeting elite snowsports athletes both on the snow and in their communities.  The T2 athletes not only share their stories and challenges of how they got to their current place in life, but they also provide support and counsel on developing confidence and resiliency and overcoming obstacles in their lives.  As role models, the T2 Foundation athletes help our young people explore new opportunities and set goals that will strengthen their character and better prepare them for the future.”