Meet the 2018-19 Team!

Welcome to the 2018-19 season! T2 is proud to announce our team for the year. Between Team T2 and our Junior Team we have provided athletes with $250,000 in direct support and we are very excited to see them work toward their goals and dream this season. Follow along here for updates and stories on all our amazing athletes.

We also want to note and thank all our applicants this year. As costs rise across all the disciplines we support we decided to decrease our overall team size and increase the amount of support we were able to provide each athlete. We are really excited about the impact we can make with this strategy! Grant applications will be accepted again starting in April 2019.

Ryan Cochran Siegle in “attack from the back” mode during the downhill in Lake Louise. He placed 21st!


  • Resi Stiegler
  • Nina O’Brien
  • Tricia Mangan
  • Ryan Cochran Siegle
  • Tommy Biesemeyer
  • AJ Ginnis
  • Robby Kelley
  • Sophie Caldwell
  • Emerson Smith
  • Alex Bowen
  • SMS T2 Elite Cross-country Team

Hunter Hess is a new member of the T2 junior squad. Here he is at the Freeski qualifiers for the
Freeskiing Grand Prix at Copper, CO last season.
Photo: Sarah Brunson/U.S. Ski & Snowboard

T2 Junior Team:


  • Keely Cashman
  • AJ Hurt
  • Cecily Decker
  • Kyle Negomir
  • Isaiah Nelson
  • Galena Wardle
  • Jett Seymour
  • Cleo Braun
  • Hunter Brayton
  • Patrick Coughlin
  • Caroline Jones
  • Allison Rathfon
  • Luca Robillard
  • Dasha Romanov
  • Nicholas Unkovskoy
  • Alix Wilkinson


  • Jacob Beebe
  • Hunter Hess
  • Jaxin Hoerter
  • Anna Gorham
  • Rell Jewell Harwood
  • Hannah Blackwell
  • Annika Paz


  • Hannah Halvorsen
  • Hailey Swirbul
  • Novie McCabe
  • Walker Hall


  • Beckett Ledger