Meet our Junior Team

T2 is pleased to announce its 2016 Junior Team. In addition to supporting a group of established and elite athletes, we are proud to announce this new level of support that reaches deeper into the development ranks. By supporting younger athletes, we aim to make sure America’s best young skiers have the opportunity to become the world’s best skiers.

This is the second year of the Junior Team Grant program and we’ve come up with $85,000 to support the group of athletes you see below, who we believe rank tops in their ages and disciplines. For the 2016/17 season we will be increasing the grant pool to $150,000.

Alpine team

Addison Dvoracek, SVST

Breezy Johnson, Romark

Patrick Kenney, BMA

Tricia Mangan, Holimont

Sam Morse, CVA

Galena Wardle, AVSC

Hunter Brayton, WVA

Cleo Braun, VSSA

Keely Cashman, SVAM

Patrick Coughlin, BMA

Kaitlyn Harsch, VSSA

Logan Slattery, GMVS

Spencer Smith, SMS

Nellie Talbot, VSSA

Anna Bruce, BMA

Haley Cutler, SVSEF

Rachael DesRochers, Summit/Roar

Tristan McCutcheon, GMVS

Florian Szwebel, VSSA

Cody Wilson, AVSC

Freestyle and freeskiing team

Aaron Milligan, VSSA

Hannah Blackwell, SVSEF

Jacob Beebe, SVSEF

Anna Gorham

Jaxin Hoerter

Jake Mageau, MBSC

Toby Skarsten, CVA

Mazie Hayden, KMS

XC team

Logan Diekman, BSF

Kathleen O’Connell, SSWSC

Mackenzie Rizio, SMS

Our process

We wanted to give people a brief idea for our selection process and also make people aware of the opportunity for funding that we provide. So, in the spring of 2015 we opened our application period. We sent out an announcement to all ski clubs in the country explaining the opportunity for junior skiers and we were pleased with the number and quality of applications we got from programs big and small. Any skier competing in alpine, cross-country, freestyle or freeskiing, between the ages of 14-19 was welcome to apply. After the application period closed we started reading applications and took into account the same three factors as we do for our Team T2 grant. We weighed the need, merit and character of each applicant. To determine need, we use the SSS by NAIS system. To determine merit we use the athlete’s results to date, a coaches recommendation as well as input from USSA (mainly NTG or D Team nominations). To determine character we reply on personal letters of recommendation, personal statements and phone/in-person interviews.

The application period for 2016/17 grants will open in mid-April and more information can be found here.

Interested in supporting the cause? A great way is to buy a T2 Bigtruck hat! All proceeds go directly to the grant fund!

Featured photo is Nellie Talbot of VSSA/NTG and post image is Keely Cashman of NTG/Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. Both were taken at early season races in Copper, CO by Chip Knight.