T2’s mission is to make sure the best American skiers have the support they need to become the world’s best skiers, and to inspire and teach kids through sport. Our athletes reach out as role models to a diverse range of youth to grow love of sport at the grassroots level and to encourage positive and healthy development in kids.

World Champion cross-country skier, Jessie Diggins, gets kids at the Park Slope YMCA fired up to move.

World Champion cross-country skier, Jessie Diggins, gets kids at the Park Slope YMCA fired up to move.

The T2 story:

Close to sixteen years ago, Tom Karam, a successful Pennsylvania businessman and supporter of U.S. skiing, learned that all but the very best skiers in the country (and the world for that matter) are able to make a living by pursuing their dreams. This harsh truth is antithetical to the lives of other professional athletes in America, moreover skiers were being forced to forego many other life opportunities – tabling their college education and career – until their ski careers were over.

During this time Karam supported a handful of athletes like future Olympic Gold Medalists Ted Ligety and Hannah Kearney in the very earliest version of T2, known unofficially as Team Tommy.

In 2008, as the U.S. Ski Team was forced to impose hefty fees to an increasing number of their athletes, Karam decided it was time to make Team Tommy into an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the dual mission of supporting athletes and giving back to youth.

Since that time, T2 has supported dozens of athletes who have been able to pursue and in many cases achieve their athletic dreams, and those athletes have impacted the lives of thousands of kids from diverse backgrounds.

T2 has grown its Board of Directors to five highly-involved individuals and we’ve grown popular support for the work we do. Annually, we allocate over $250,000 in grants to athletes, which impact their careers directly. We also invest in the ski community and youth through our outreach programs.

In 2015, T2 rolled out a new grant program for 14-19 year old skiers. As skiing becomes more and more expensive we need to make sure that the best young skiers in the U.S. are not forced out by cost. T2’s Junior Team Grant program is tackling this issue head on – this year we awarded $150,000 to 30 athletes across the country.

T2 Foundation Board of Directors

  • Phill Gross
  • Thomas Karam
  • Brian Lash
  • David Brumbaugh
  • Ted Ligety